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About Reiki

Reiki is a form of natural healthcare. It is an ancient therapy that heals and protects the body, mind and spirit through gentle energy balancing techniques. It is effective and safe, and has been in use for thousands of years. Reiki uses a flow of high-vibrational healing energy to restore and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The energy doesn’t originate in the Reiki practitioner; the practitioner channels it through themselves and out to the client. Its’ effects are cumulative and long-lasting.

Reiki provides deep relaxation and stress relief, increases energy, and creates clearer thought. It helps to ease and eliminate symptoms of diseases, illnesses and injuries. It helps heal sadness, depression, anxiety, and fear. reiki treatmentReiki also helps to heal current and past-life traumas by by-passing the mental mind to heal the wound directly.

People of all ages and health conditions benefit from Reiki, as do animals and plants.  Reiki is used by hospitals to reduce patient stress prior to surgery, and to shorten recovery time afterward.  It is also used in hospice care to comfort those with terminal illness.

Reiki is completely safe for everyone to receive. Because of its’ high vibration, the energy is incapable of causing harm. Side effects from emotional and toxicity releases are usually slight.

Reiki treatments are performed on a massage table. They can be done with the hands either on or off of the body, based on the client’s preference. Clients stay fully clothed during the treatment. Sensitive areas are treated above the body and are not touched.

The recommended frequency for getting Reiki depends on the person’s goals. Acute (recent) issues often resolve quickly. Chronic (long-term) issues, and issues of a mental or emotional nature, usually take longer to resolve. In general, frequent treatments (bi-monthly if possible) result in faster, deeper, long-lasting healing. Getting regular treatments is also preventive – it creates protection from lower-vibrational people, situations and energies.

Here are just a few of the things that Reiki can help with: cancer ~ diabetes ~ addiction ~ joint and disc degeneration ~ muscle spasm ~ headaches ~ infections ~ cuts & burns ~ earaches ~ pre-surgery prep ~ post-surgery healing ~ medication side effects ~ acid reflux ~ poor circulation ~ back pain ~ low energy ~ trauma ~ anxiety ~ depression ~ grief ~ stress ~ sadness

Grace-ful Reiki

The studio is home to a fabulous Reikitty named Gracie. She is a natural healer who loves to lay on the table and give you Reiki. If you are allergic to cats or are just not a “cat-person”, we can meet at my alternate studio location instead.