“Loving Hands Yoga offers small class sizes with each class designed for the level of the participants, extending from yoga for the wheelchair bound to gentle to active. Judith is a gentle and attentive leader and often enhances classes with additional information about lifestyles. The classes are low key yet personal.”

– Ruth Connell

“Yoga at Loving Hands is peaceful, intimate and authentic. Sessions are customized to your needs, and the attention is very personal. It doesn’t matter how much or little experience you may have; this is a place where you always get your perfect practice.”

– Bob R.

“It’s true. Yoga IS a gentle teacher, and Judith’s acceptance of my tentative, beginning efforts was the encouragement I needed to be teachable!”

– Holly B.

“Judith’s kind and gentle approach has let my resistant muscles ease into stretches and holds they had not anticipated. Her sensitivity to ones limitations is encouraging and reinforcing.”

– M.K.

“I love Judith’s Saturday active yoga class – it challenges me while teaching me to accept where I am right now… not just physically, but in other aspects of my life. It’s so much more than a physical practice. It’s a forgiving way to end a hectic week and an invigorating way to start the new one!”

– Liz Radivoyevitch

“I have been taking yoga for the first time. Since then I have been feeling better physically and mentally because Judith conveys tranquility, optimism and positivism. I truly enjoy all our yoga classes.”

– Ksenia Tregubov  

“I am an 84 year old widow and I have a rather severe case of arthritis. Judith adjusts all exercises to my ability not to cause any additional pain. Yoga taught me better breathing, has made me more optimistic. I plan to continue my yoga classes as long as I can. “

– Natalia Bezugloff


“I have done Usui Reiki Levels I, II , III and Master with Judith. All the courses were a pleasure to attend, well-coordinated from the beginning to the end. Judith is a softly spoken person with a warm and kind personality, and I am very happy and glad about my choice to learn Reiki from her. Judith provides detailed content, documents and also offers ongoing help and advice which is invaluable. If you want to expand your mind and learn an alternative healing modality to help yourself and others, the courses with Judith are highly recommended!”
– Olga S.

“I took Judith’s Reiki training by video and it was interactive, informative, and transformational for me. She passed her knowledge on to me in a clear, organized, gentle and welcoming manner. Her presence was solid and available. I felt the attunement energy strongly, and it was a deeply moving experience. When I had questions Judith gave them deep thought and comprehensive answers, unblocking any confusions and opening every door for my understanding.  It was an awesome experience and I highly recommend working with Judith.”

– Patti Austin

“I really enjoyed attending Reiki classes facilitated by Judith. She is a great teacher! Her teaching style is organized, in depth, responsible and pleasantly interactive. I experienced such an intense feeling of gratitude and real understanding of this beautiful gift – Usui Reiki. I left with an improved sense of connection and inner peace. Thank you, Judith, for all the extras you included to ensure our success!”

– Denise Sharp

“I’ve been going through an amazing transformation ever since your Reiki teacher training. Thank you so, so much! A profound transformation is happening. Everything is shifting and falling into alignment… it was truly unexpected and a great surprise. So, again thank you!”

– Dani B.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki treatments with Judith. She is an incredibly warm and thoughtful individual. I couldn’t believe how relaxed and comforted I felt during our Reiki sessions. I sought treatment for pain in my ankle due to an old sprain and after two months I am still pain free.”

– Christian B.

“Judith is a very gifted Reiki practitioner. Being a licensed massage therapist, I am very selective on whom I allow to work on my body. Judith offers a safe, loving, environment for healing. She is a conduit for love and light and her caring nature is reflected in her energy. I felt so great after my session! I would highly recommend Judith to my friends, family and clients.”

– Barbara Toman, LMT & Owner of BodyWise, LLC

“Judith’s Reiki treatments always calm and center me. She provides me with vital information about how my body reacts to the pressures around me. Given the caregiving I do for my parents, this has become an important aspect of my own well-being.”

– Suzanne Carle

“I was skeptical about Reiki being able to relieve the pain in my knees, but I got much more than relief from pain from Judith Eugene’s treatments, although that would have been enough! I learned the value of truly relaxing physically and mentally. Most interesting of all, I began to notice that I had become more clear-minded and better able to maintain focus on tasks. This continues long after my last treatment. An additional bonus was Judith teaching me some techniques for managing my own knee pain going forward.”

– Nikki Evans

“Due to a chronic condition, I’ve had many episodes of debilitating lower back pain that last a few weeks each. Being a small business owner and a mom with two active kids, being “out of commission” for that amount of time takes a toll on many levels of my professional and personal life. I’ve found that very little alleviates the pain. The last time I felt a back pain episode begin, Judith convinced me to try Reiki. I was somewhat skeptical, but the session was very calming, and best of all, my back pain went away after one day! The next time I feel another back episode developing, I’m going to call Judith right away! I highly recommend giving Reiki with Judith a try.
You don’t need to believe in it for it to work, you just need to do it!”

– Liz Radivoyevitch

“Although I knew what Reiki was, this was my first Reiki treatment. I was immediately at ease with Judith. She is at once a calming presence and an authority. I don’t think I was able to fully express my gratitude to her. Without doubt I would recommend her to anyone.”

– A.J.

Animal Reiki

“I have a 7 year old Siberian Husky named Lakota. When Judith came over to work with her, Lakota warmed right to Judith. Judith told me she felt that Lakota didn’t want to be the pack leader anymore. The results of her treatment were so awesome that it affected the whole household and we all benefited from the session.”

– Debi Jenks

“I am the owner of Rodi a five-year-old diabetic, blind Schnauzer with thyroid problems. When his insulin is regulated he appears to be a healthy dog, he gets around great despite his blindness. Recently he was very ill; lethargic, had trouble-walking, borderline non-responsive. It was on a Sunday, I was considering taking him to the emergency pet clinic. Judith came over spent about 20 minutes with Rodi giving him a Reiki treatment. Shortly after the treatment he perked up slightly (I no longer felt I had to rush him to the emergency clinic). It was the next morning that I noticed the real change. He was 100% better. Waiting excitedly at the door to go on his morning walk, I was amazed!”

– Susan Bauman

“Our cat Missy is about 15 years old–a black and white domestic. She isn’t one of these exceptionally affectionate cats, unless her dinner is in the offing. What we mean is that Missy isn’t one to be ecstatic when a stranger approaches her to pet her or, heaven forbid, hold her. She is uncomfortable when hands are trying to befriend her, even (to a certain extent) from us, her family.

And yet, she is basically a calm and friendly cat, likes to play and has been a wonderful pet.

This past fall, our daughter’s friend Judith Eugene was to visit, and we asked Judith to

“work” with Missy for a short time. Judith approached Missy, who was curled up on a footstool, explaining to us that she was going to wait for Missy to accept Judith’s approach before doing anything else. My husband and I exchanged looks, thinking that this was going to be interesting. Missy was aware Judith was there but showed no particular concern that her space was being “invaded”. This surprised us.

Judith slid her hand underneath Missy –again with no concern from Missy but surprise from her owners. Judith spent some time with Missy (20 minutes or so) and no words. When Judith withdrew her hands from around her and moved away, Missy showed no concern and resumed her nap.

For the next couple of weeks, we noticed changes in Missy: She was more relaxed. Her
appetite improved. She played more and would run around the house as she did years ago. Her acceptance of strangers is still improving.

We feel the energy Judith was able to transfer to Missy through her hands had a very positive effect on Missy and her attitude toward people. It had to have made our cat a happier cat. Can you imagine its effect on those animals that have been abused or in fearful situations?”

– Ginni and Jack Walsh

Workplace Wellness

Kind words from some of our workplace wellness program attendees:

“Speaker knew her subject matter and I learned new things that will benefit my patients when they are anxious or angry.”

“It was a pleasure to be in the class! I wish we had more time for it.”

“It was very interesting to hear about how alternative therapies can be applied to working with seniors and those with physical and mental disabilities.”

“It was reassuring to learn that we start where we are and it’s not expected to do it “right” immediately.”

“I love the length of the program, and the time it is offered. Can’t wait to participant in more of these health & wellness workshops, that are on-going and will definitely make a change in improving our daily lives.”

“Enjoyed the time. Would have liked to stay longer. Great class, would love to take it again. Information was very helpful. Teacher was great.”

“I enjoyed the hands-on nature of it. Also thought the presenter was experienced and knowledgeable. Loved it! Hope to be able to participate in many more.”

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