Positive Living

“If people heighten awareness of their inner states, then they are more apt to come up with new ways of creating a better world.”  – Mirabi Bush

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COVID-19 UPDATE: I am available for in-person classes at my studio and at your location. I am also continuing to offer classes by Zoom for those who prefer to stay distanced, and for those who are out of town.
For in-person classes, social distancing and masking is available upon request.

Classes can be private or for groups,
and are held by appointment in my studio or at your location
In My Studio: $75 – no matter how many people
At Your Location – Contact me for a quote

You may pay by cash, check, credit card or PayPal

Life often presents us with challenging situations and people that can test our ability to remain positive, peaceful and healthy.  Our Positive Living classes teach helpful tools for coping with these challenges, and gently encourage us to do our best to rise above these situations.  In the process we learn to feel better not only about ourselves, but also about the very situations and people that once seemed overwhelming.  All classes are one hour long.

  • NEW! How to Start and Run a Full or Part-Time Healing Business – Learn how to register your business, find clients, set your fees and policies, write your forms and waivers, get insurance, do your bookkeeping and banking, track your clients, do networking, use business assistance centers, stay in a Manifesting Mindset, and much more. Learn from my many years of experience running a successful Reiki business. This class will save you many hours of research, help you get your business off the ground quickly, and potentially save you from making costly mistakes.
  • The ABCs of ZZZs: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Our bodies and minds need adequate sleep for good physical, mental and emotional health. But falling asleep and staying asleep is hard for many people. Learn the facts about good sleep, techniques for relaxing your mind and body, and how to create an environment that helps you sleep.
  • The Secret to Happiness (Good News – There’s More than One!) – Do people and situations constantly affect your happiness? Does lasting happiness seem just too good to be true? Achieving happiness IS possible, with the right tools and mindset. Learn about the science of happiness, as well as techniques to help you create a happy future for yourself.
  • Nature Meditation – Nature meditations help to calm our mind, balance our energy, and lift our mood. Taking the time to appreciate and connect with the beauty, stillness and constancy of nature is a very healing practice. We will go outdoors to be in the beauty of nature and learn sitting, standing and walking nature meditation practices. Can be done one time, or as an ongoing series. This is a year-round class. In case of rain, we will still meditate outdoors, with umbrellas. In case of uncomfortable weather, we can meditate under a porch or portico, or inside near a window.
  • Decidedly You: Why You are Who You Are – This workshop will help you explore, define and write down the personal ethics, values and beliefs that have shaped the person you are, and that act as a compass for your daily thoughts and actions. Through analyzing the lessons you have learned, the things you have accomplished, and the plans you have for your future, we will define and record what “makes you tick”. This is an insightful tool for defining and strengthening the things that are important to you. Your Personal Ethics journal can be kept private, or it can be used as a topic of meaningful discussion with the important people in your life. This class will help you define your thoughts, organize your writing, and will provide guidelines for editing and publishing.
  • Healthy Living through Ayurveda – Ayurveda is thought to be the oldest healing science, originating in India over 5,000 years ago. Through natural, non-invasive diet and personal routine practices, Ayurvada helps to clear the body of toxins, and bring health to the body, peace to the mind, and calm to the emotions. Ayurvedic practices restore balance and harmony of the body, the mind and the spirit; resulting in good health. These simple changes in daily living practices can bring about radical positive changes in your overall health.
  • Good Health Through Balanced Energy – Students will learn how energy imbalances can affect our physical health, our thinking and our personality.  We will discuss the difference between yin (passive) and yang (active) energy, the concept of chakras (the seven energy centers located within our bodies), methods to balance our own energy, and methods for interacting in a healthy way with other people who have a different type of energy than we do.
  • The Power of Intention: Creating and Living a Life that Expresses Your Authentic Self – Our thoughts are very powerful.  We create our own sense of reality based on how we think and where we place our attention. In this class participants will learn how to become aware of their current thought patterns, and decide where they would instead like to direct their energy and intentions in order to create a more peaceful and authentic reality for themselves. We will have a short intention meditation at the end of class. Participants will need pen and paper or a device to do writing exercises during class.
  • Humor As a Life Plan – Smiling and laughing has scientifically-proven health benefits, including reducing stress and improving stress-related illness. Learn the many ways that you can bring more humor into your life. You’ll also get to try some fun games and groan through a few corny jokes!
  • Holistic Healthcare Primer – Students will learn about the physical benefits and stress-relieving benefits of yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, Reiki energy therapy, and Feng Shui. We will discuss how these different techniques help to improve breathing, balance, flexibility, and strength; as well as promote relaxation and peacefulness.  We will have a short meditation demonstration at the end of the class.
  • The Amazing Benefits of Gratitude Journaling – Keeping a daily journal of things that you are judith eugene_speakingthankful for helps to elevate mood, increase optimism, alleviate depression, cope with grief, and provide a happier outlook on life.  This class teaches your group how to start a journal, what to include, and all of the ways that gratitude journaling can benefit them. We will also have a short discussion about Mindfulness Meditation, as it ties into observing and finding things to be grateful for in the world around us.
  • Aromatherapy for Health and Balance  – Aromatherapy is a natural, holistic healing practice that has been used for thousands of years to promote physical and mental health. Aromatherapy can reduce stress, promote good sleep, improve concentration, and many other helpful uses. We will sample several aromatherapy oils, learn about their benefits and how to use them, and make a personalized hand lotion or sugar scrub to take home. (there is an additional $2.50 material fee per person, per product) ***Not suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Healthy Cooking Classes – Click here for a full program list -Food, clothing, and shelter” form the essential triad of our basic needs, allowing all other aspects of our lives to flourish.  And it is not insignificant that food is the first on the list!  When we get together with family or friends, it’s often for lunch or dinner. Our holiday celebrations always have special food dishes associated with them.  And the act of cooking allows each of us to connect with our sustenance, impart a piece of ourselves in what we create, and share it with those around us.

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