Reiki for Childbirth

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Reiki helps to make pregnancy and childbirth a more peaceful and calm process for you and your baby.

Reiki Before Birth – Comforts and prepares your baby to peacefully enter the world. Helps you with the discomfort and stress of pregnancy. Reiki treatments can start as early as conception.
Reiki During Birth – Makes the birthing process physically, mentally and emotionally easier for you, your baby, and other family members.
Reiki After Birth – Supports healthy physical, mental and emotional development for your baby. Helps you transition to being a new parent, and helps your body recover from pregnancy.

The creation of new life is perhaps the most profoundly sacred human event. When your baby is first born, they exist in nothing but love, peace and possibilities. They are a scoop of Heaven in a tiny body, and they specifically chose you to be their parent. And as their parent, you have the most important job you will ever have – to help shape and guide them into becoming their greatest self in this lifetime.

Reiki helps prepare your baby to enter their new life, helping their soul transition from existing as pure love energy to existing in a body on Earth. Because the frequency of Reiki energy is the same frequency as love energy, your baby recognizes it and is comforted by it. It makes transitioning to Earth a calmer and gentler experience for them. It eliminates the trauma caused by leaving the warm, dark, calm womb and entering the cold, bright, multi-sensory world.

Reiki also supports the health of the parents and partners before, during and after the baby’s birth. It treats physical illnesses that sometimes come up during pregnancy. It also helps alleviate common emotions like stress, anxiety, frustration and guilt. It helps your body go through the many changes that occur during and after pregnancy. And it’s a completely safe tool to support your health and the health of your baby.