Positive Living

“If people heighten awareness of their inner states, then they are more apt to come up with new ways of creating a better world.”  – Mirabi Bush

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Life often presents us with challenging situations and people that can test our ability to remain positive, peaceful and healthy.  Our Positive Living classes teach helpful tools for coping with these challenges, and gently encourage us to do our best to rise above these situations.  In the process we learn to feel better not only about ourselves, but also about the very situations and people that once seemed overwhelming.  All classes are one hour long.

  • Healthy Cooking Classes – Click here for a full program list -Food, clothing, and shelter” form the essential triad of our basic needs, allowing all other aspects of our lives to flourish.  And it is not insignificant that food is the first on the list!  When we get together with family or friends, it’s often for lunch or dinner. Our holiday celebrations always have special food dishes associated with them.  And the act of cooking allows each of us to connect with our sustenance, impart a piece of ourselves in what we create, and share it with those around us.
  • The Power of Intention – Our thoughts are very powerful.  We create our own sense of reality based on how we think and where we place our attention.  In this class participants will learn how to become aware of their current thought patterns, and decide where they would instead like to direct their energy and intentions in order to create a more peaceful and authentic reality for themselves. We will have a short intention meditation at the end of class.
  • Vegetarianism 101 – Take the confusion out of becoming vegetarian! Learn the benefits of a vegetarian diet, how to get started, and how to get all the nutritional intake you need while following a delicious and nutritious meat-free diet. We will also talk about the environmental and moral reasons why people choose vegetarianism. You will receive a pamphlet of vegetarian recipes you can try on your own. (1 hour class)
  • Holistic Healthcare Primer – Students will learn about the physical benefits and stress-relieving benefits of yoga, Tai Chi, massage therapy, Reiki energy therapy, and meditation.  We will discuss how these different techniques help to improve breathing, balance, flexibility, and strength; as well as promote relaxation and peacefulness.  We will have a short meditation demonstration at the end of the class.
  • The Amazing Benefits of Gratitude Journaling – Keeping a daily journal of things that you are judith eugene_speakingthankful for helps to elevate mood, increase optimism, alleviate depression, cope with grief, and provide a happier outlook on life.  This class teaches your group how to start a journal, what to include, and all of the ways that gratitude journaling can benefit them. We will also have a short discussion about Mindfulness Meditation, as it ties into observing and finding things to be grateful for in the world around us.
  • Every Day Stress Relief – This class teaches methods for staying peaceful amid the typical challenges of life.  We will discuss relaxing breathing techniques, an introduction to meditation, methods for being accepting of ourselves and others,  and ways to approach challenging situations in a healthy way.  We will have a short meditation demonstration at the end of class.
  • Meditation Made Easy – Meditation helps to quiet the mind and release us from worry.  For many people, though, the goal of clearing our minds of thought seems impossible to attain. This class teaches easy methods to meditate, and how to incorporate it into everyday life. This class teaches exercises that help the body and mind to become relaxed and centered. The relaxation and peace of mind students learn in this class will help them gain a more positive outlook on their daily lives.  We will practice different types of meditation throughout the class.
  • Good Health Through Balanced Energy – Students will learn how energy imbalances can affect our physical health, our thinking and our personality.  We will discuss the difference between yin (passive) and yang (active) energy, the concept of chakras (the seven energy centers located within our bodies), methods to balance our own energy, and methods for interacting in a healthy way with other people who have a different type of energy than we do.
  • Making Lemonade From Lemons  – This class helps participants learn how to overcome challenges they are facing in their lives such as frustration, loss, fear and grief.  We will discuss ways to remain happy and peaceful inside, no matter what is happening outside.  We will learn different methods for coping with challenging issues through positive thinking, empowering speech, and a gratitude-focused approach to life.
  • Aromatherapy for Health and Balance  – Aromatherapy is a natural, holistic healing practice that has been used for thousands of years to promote physical and mental health. Aromatherapy can reduce stress, promote good sleep, improve concentration, and many other helpful uses. We will sample several aromatherapy oils, learn about their benefits and how to use them, and make a personalized hand lotion or sugar scrub to take home. (there is an additional $2.50 material fee per person, per product) ***Not suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Classes can be private or for groups,
and are held by appointment in our studio
Cost: $60 – no matter how many people
(Call us for a quote for classes at your location)

You may pay by cash or check at your appointment or pay below through PayPal (PayPal service charge has been added.)