Kids’ Positive Living

yoga_kids_3These programs give kids valuable tools for maintaining positive physical, mental and emotional health. We combine age- and ability-appropriate visual, auditory and tactile exercises to help the kids internalize the information.

These programs can be adapted to children age 5-17 of all abilities, and can be done as one-time programs or as an ongoing series.
disabled girl

  • Fun With the Healing Arts (These can also be broken out as septeensarate programs)
    Kids learn the physical, mental and emotional benefits of ancient holistic healing methods such as yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, massage, Reiki, Feng Shui, sound therapy, crystals and aromatherapy. They will also experience fun, hands-on practice.
  • My Awesome Life (These can also be broken out as separate programs)
    Kids learn critical personal and social life skills such as positive conflict resolution, patience and understanding of others, self-esteem and self-acceptance, accepting what you can’t change, gratitude, positive thinking and positive speech.